Message from Glenn

Artist Statement

“Man Upstairs” – by Glenn Ness

Painting is a way for me to tell stories, celebrating our need to connect to each other and to our surroundings. It is not enough for me to just paint a man walking up the stairs. I am intimately involved in that moment as soon as I choose to paint it. I wonder about His story and how it relates to mine. Often I choose not to paint a figure in a scene at all, which overstates an obvious absence. To me, this implies a narrative that lends itself to being internalized in some way.

I like to paint both around urban and rural scenarios. My current work is a cross section of both. Cityscapes give me an opportunity to visually explore very complex multiple perspectives and light sources from scenes we may walk through every day. The rural pool scene with its undulating lines and shocks of light and color have a hypnotic effect on me that pulls me inward. Both have a subject matter that celebrates the everydayness of being in the moment and not missing it.

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